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    Crystal : 2022

      World At Your Feet : 2014

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              Global Symphony

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Danish Guitarist/Composer/Actor

Born in West-jutland in Denmark.

Started playing the guitar and the piano at the age of 15. Started playing in local rock- bands and moved into classical music. He combined rock and classical with the electric guitar and the church-organ. He has played and worked with many different styles as Classical, Metal, Blues, African, Balkan, Electronic, Danish folk and World-music.

Educated in Church-organ and traditional folk-music at Carl Nielsen Academy, Odense and Global Music Master at Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus. Specialized in music from Scandinavia, Flamenco and


Reumert Award winning 2014 with the act “4EVER”. He has composed music for the theatre, Televison and documentary films. Have been a member of the jury panel in Palestine National Music Competition twice. Nominated at Danish World Awards 2008.

Albums : ”World At Your Feet” 2014 and Crystal 2022

He has travelled and work with musicians from across the world. Worked and played with musician : Ahmad-Al-Khatib (Palæstina), Essam Rafea (Syrien), Moslem Rahal (Syrien), Gimo Mendes (Mozambique), Moussa Diallo (Mali), Basiro Suso (Gambia), Jens Viggo Fjord (Danmark), African Footprint (Ghana), Gare Sazkar/Li Dine (Kurdistan/Danmark) José Suarez”El Torombo” (Spain), Eugenio Iglesisa (Spain), Maher Mahmoud (Syrien), Uso (DK), Thomas

Buttenshøn, Povl Dissing, Rasmus Dissing


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Nikolaj Rosengreen

Guitarist / Composer